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Our range of products offers communicators for a variety of purposes. They are intended to provide maximum convenience and security to residents and visitors to buildings. Communicators mediate communication with visitors to both households and workplaces and, when necessary, they can guarantee a connection between a person in real need and the service they require. We offer

Door communication systems:

  • 2N® Helios IP
  • 2N® Helios APS Mini Plus Lift

Communication systems:

  • 2N® LiftNet
  • 2N® SingleTalk
  • 2N® Floor Annunciator

IP Audio Systems:

  • 2N® NetSpeaker
GSM Gateway is a cost saving device for calls from PRI/BRI/VoIP interface to GSM networks. GSM Gateways always chose the cheapest route for each call.

We offer

Analogue GSM Gateways

  • 2N® EasyGate
  • 2N® SmartGate

BRI GSM Gateways

  • 2N® BRI Lite
  • 2N® BRI Enterprise

PRI GSM Gateways

  • 2N® StarGate
  • 2N® VoiceBlue Lite
  • 2N® BlueTower

VoIP GSM Gateways

  • 2N® VoiceBlue Next
  • 2N® VoiceBlue Lite
  • 2N® StarGate
  • 2N® BlueTower

The GSM Gateways are used as

  • Cost saving tools
  • Call (GSM) termination equipment
  • SMS sending & receiving tools
UMTS products provide a wireless high-speed data connection and help to reduce calling cost. We offer Voice & data products: 2N ® EasyRoute 2N ® OfficeRoute 2N ® EasyGate UMTS USB Voice products with UMTS support: 2N Analogue UMTS Gateway 2N ® SmartGate UMTS 2N BRI UMTS Gateways 2N ® BRI Lite UMTS 2N ® BRI Enterprise UMTS 2N PRI UMTS Gateways 2N ® StarGate UMTS 2N VoIP UMTS Gateways 2N® VoiceBlue Lite UMTS UMTS products are used as Cost saving tools Mobile office solutions Fixed line replacements High-speed data connection Data connection back-up Data connection in remote areas Back-up solutions in the case of PSTN line failure SMS Gateways 2N® BlueTower UMTS 12.
2N offers much more than just hardware for telecommunication solutions. We can provide you with a comprehensive solution for SIM card management and number portability. With such a solution you will have your SIM cards and phone bills under full control all the time. We offer SIM Management: Using 2N® SIM Star – SIM Server you can manage all your SIM cards from one interface; for example, from the comfort of your office. This solution is designed both for operators, which can use it for testing their network, and for companies that administer a large number of gateways. These companies can, using 2N® SIM Star – SIM Server, reduce costs on service technician site visits. A major advantage is also the protection of SIM cards against misuse, as they all remain safely stored in one place. Number portability solution: 2N® ERM will provide you unlimited space for outgoing and incoming call routing tables. Thanks to this, and the ability to use external database tables, 2N® ERM is the ideal tool for handling the problem of number portability. The expansion concerns the essentially unlimited number of rows for routing tables/groups for outgoing calls. It is therefore the ideal tool for providing a number portability solution, and a solution for a system with a large number of entries for call routing. 28.

Modern 2N PBXs integrate all available networks – ISDN, GSM, VoIP and UMTS with a wide range of functions for its users. We offer 2N® NetStar as a connection to all networks 2N® NetStar as a PBX Booster 2N® NetStar as an IP PBX 2N® OfficeRoute The 2N PBXs are used as Standard PBX Mobile PBX Virtual PBX IP PBX 2N® Mobility Extension feature
M2M is an abbreviation for Machine to Machine, technology that is used in wired and wireless systems to communicate with other devices. Generally speaking, M2M is about an asset (meter, sensor, machine, etc.) connected to a device (modem, gateway, router, intelligent devices) to transmit valuable information (electricity usage, temperature, etc.) via wired/wireless network (IP, GSM, UMTS, etc.) into an application (SW platform) for further use (to plan electricity supply, events, etc.). We offer solutions for : Metering Remote Monitoring & Control Our M2M products are used in the following projects: Metering Telemetry/Utility Banking Security Back-up solutions POS Vending machines