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Get ironclad security that streamlines operations and eases compliance. McAfee Endpoint Protection Suites unite industry-leading endpoint security and data protection with centralized management. Block malware, defend against cybercriminal activity, and safeguard your mobile workforce with comprehensive endpoint protection — both on and off the network.

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Get reliable web and email protection and ensure compliance to content policies.


McAfee interlocks content, reputation, and malware protections to help you safeguard users, applications, data, and networks. Through advanced, integrated detections and controls, you can secure critical web and email against malicious content and implement policy-based inbound and outbound controls.

Prevent accidental and malicious loss of confidential data. McAfee Data Protection is the most complete solution for securing devices and data—anywhere, anytime—using strong encryption, authentication and policy-driven security controls. Advanced reporting capabilities help meet tough privacy mandates, ensure “Safe Harbor” protection, and demonstrate compliance
Safe mobile devices for a safe mobile future. Mobile consumer and enterprise users rely on secure mobile services and devices. McAfee offers a real-time defense against emerging threats that target mobile devices, mobile services and mobile content. Our solutions protect organizations from data leakage, productivity loss, or liability and safeguard today’s and tomorrow’s mobile user experience
Protect against network-based threats and policy violations that could harm users, data and networks. McAfee offers all the network security functions you need—intrusion prevention, firewall, network access control, anti-spam, anti-malware, web filtering, and outbound content control. We maintain your defenses non-stop and make ownership easy with integrated solutions and centralized management.
Streamline required security and compliance processes from audits to reporting. McAfee Risk and Compliance Management products help you unify security and compliance activities under a single set of policies and processes. We simplify policy assessment, vulnerability management, remediation, and reporting to yield sustainable compliance.
Safeguard systems against web and software vulnerabilities and email threats. Today’s complex threats—phishing, rootkits, zero-day exploits, and drive-by downloads—need more than basic anti-virus. Our integrated protections and controls cut costs, simplify compliance, and reduce the frequency and urgency of patching.
Get proven, comprehensive protection for both physical and virtualized environments. McAfee helps you safely benefit from the full potential of virtualization technology with complete and scalable security. McAfee provides centrally managed, customized protection for online and offline virtual machines that strengthens security, lowers costs, and simplifies compliance.